1 of 100 mini abstracts (Surprise Gift)


Receive a suprise limited edition mini abstract from my 100 day abstract series.

This is a limited offer for an original painting normally worth £35 - £50.

Each piece is painted on heavy weight paper, either A5 size or 10" x 7".

Every abstract piece is unique, inspired by nature and the oceanic landscape, they are made with acrylics, aromatherapy oil, and ocean essence. The sea water used for each piece has been collected from the place each piece depicts. Primarily in and around Devon, but also from Spain - Galicia. Tarifa and Ibiza.

The piece you will receive, unless otherwise stated, will be a surpise gift of one of the 100 originals available. I will send whichever painting feels right for you.  

You can view some of the pieces on the gallery or on my instagram account.

(go on, treat yourself)

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