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I spent most of my childhood living in Greece, walking and painting amongst olive groves, running through the fields with my dog Polly and spending time at the beach and out at sea. I've always loved the sea and can never be away from it too long.

In my teens I moved to Devon, UK to study and then on to Bath to achieve a BA in Fine Art Sculpture at the Bath School of Art and Design as well as a Foundation in Arts Therapy (Art in Mental Health).

Longing for new cultures and with a thirst for adventure I travelled to India to help the tsunami victims and put my art therapy skills to good use.

During university I co-founded the Eye2Spy Art Collective exhibiting, making & performing work internationally on the theme of the human psyche. I was also part of the Bristol Diving School Collective, managing art studio spaces, co-creating events & artwork and talking at the British Art Show 7 on the future of artist led activity.



As an artist I am primarily interested in the way we as humans leave a trace of our existence, exploring art through socio-anthropological investigation and demanding a redistribution of politics particularly those surrounding and encompassing our lives. Looking at the human imprint, what traces are left of our physical and spiritual embodiment, I create work that is in many respects both physical and metaphysical.  Nature, sustainability, global & social change all fascinate & inspire me. These are running themes throughout all of my work.


Recently I've been allowing a more intuitive approach to influence my work, allowing the inner self to be translated through my art practice. This has resulted into painting more abstract and visionary landscapes thorugh a deeper understanding of my mission and the world around me. In particular working on seascapes and researching the effects of climate change & the residue of human consumption on our oceans. I have started to approach this through a conservationist and ecological view to find ways to bring science and art together for social change.


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After some time in the marketing world, I came back to creativity and became a member of the beinghuman Collective and with that their arts producer for many events and shows nationally and internationally at places such as Google Campus, Rich Mix etc. Organising talks with the likes of Martin Creed, the Guardian and Huck Magazine and even working with well established UK & Nepali artists out in Nepal where I co-produced the British section of the Kathmandu International Arts Festival. Whilst there I also ran Arts Marketing workshops on behalf of the British Council - which was a great way to give back to the wonderful people in Nepal. This started a love of using creativity and art to bring about positive change and was the start of my entrepreneurial journey.

After setting up four of my own businesses and helping many other creative & social entrepreneurs do the same I have come back to my art practice and am taking it to the next level.  There is however one constant theme that runs throughout all of my personal and business life and that is using adventure & creativity for positive social change.


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As an artist and creative entrepreneur I have been able to apply my skills to help other creatives in business.






You can find out all about me, what I do and all of my other projects here: nataliakomis.com Or email me at [email protected] 

My Services:

Creative Adventures

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Us creatives are always in need of inspiration. But more importantly, space, freedom, to be in nature and to allow ourselves time to reconnect with our inner selves and with like minded people around a common goal. Using adventure and creativity for good.


That is why I started iamadventures, creative walking adventures for women and girls across the globe.


These are adventures, retreats, explorations into the unknown using specific tools and activities to ignite your creativity, inspiration and human potential and providing the space, freedom and catalyst for you to come alive amongst like minded adventure maidens with a thirst for adventure for change.


If you're interested in exploring your creative and human potential further join me on one of our adventures!


Do I do commissions? It's not often I take commissions on - but when I do it's because it fits in with my mission statement and with the work I am doing at the time.

Have I exhibited before? Of course I have, a CV will be uploaded soon to my site...

Will I be selling work online or offline? Yep! Some work will be available soon here and others in galleries in the UK soon.

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